Uncle Bernie, Drunk At a Christmas Party Trying to read you a story from the study/library

Army cargo truck Barrelling down the street, almost crashing into a wall amidst explosions (in vietnam).

inner-city stripper waiting for the bus.

The eyes and face of a wrinkled old arab man

An ancient greek herculian style portal releasing some cartoony ethereal magic power

a deadly
situation in a chemical Facility

A complex transformer/ Rubiks cube
iron man head

A sloppy machine flopping apart, crumbling headed for destruction

Diamond, Gem Amethyst, miners lurking behind mineshaft

Banshee witch flying off into the night

Erupting volcano bird chomp Baby Birds Cartoon feeding time

A spiders nest has been laid, now i just sit back and wait.

An extra dimensional ghost witch has
just arrived on
the city street
corner and is
mildly impressed

Jean shorts
slurpee from 7-11

Jean shorts
slurpee from 7-11

a proud
scientist appears to save the day but he’s sort of mediocre.

hop to this, kangaroo!


Japanese man
with beard
the best
jenga piece
you’ve ever seen.

some sort of christmas tree shopping experiment gone awry

A module- modern castle for the witch king of angmar.